Blog Widgets

Widgets are a way tho show blog content outside of the main app. There are two ways of doing this: Using content types or template tags.

Here we are going to describe some use-cases and how to implement them:

Teaser blog entries and FeinCMS pages on the landingpage


For a landing page that uses its own temlate anyway it makes sense to use a template tag. Elephantblog comes with a template library called ‘blog_widgets’ that provides the function get_frontpage which you could use like this:

{% load i18n blog_widgets %}

<div id="board-content" class="relative stepcarousel">
    {% get_frontpage %}
    <h1 id="helsinews">{% trans 'Neues von Helsi' %}</h1>
    <div class="belt">
        {% for item in entries %}
        <div class="board-page panel" title="{{ item.title }}" data-url="{{ item.get_absolute_url }}">
            {% feincms_render_region item "teaser" request %}
        {% endfor %}

In this particular case we used the pageteaser content form the FeinCMS Contenttype Box Vol.1. That one allows to combine FeinCMS pages and blog entries. We also added a ‘Teaser’ region to both pages so the user can define manually what content is displayed.

Adding categories or date breakdown to FeinCMS page navigation


It is possible to add blog entries directly into the FeinCMS navigation path when using the blog as ApplicationContent. You need to activate the navigation extensions for FeinCMS:

Page.register_extensions('navigation', 'seo', 'titles', 'translations')

On the page where you add the ‘Blog’ ApplicationContent, also select a navigation extension


In this example we used the CategoryAndDateNavigationExtension.

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