Supplied Content Types

While you can use all FeinCMS content types within elephantblog, the following content types are specific to elephantblog and can be used within FeinCMS.

If you whish to show a list of top entries on the entry page of your website or promote articles within your blog, have a look at the widgets_ section.


This content type shows a list view of all blog entries. It can be used to show blog entries in FeinCMS pages. If the ‘featured only’ flag is set, only posts which are marked as featured are shown.

The templates used by this content are content/elephantblog/entry_list.html and content/elephantblog/entry_list_featured.html. The latter is optional. If it does not exist, the former is used.

If you want to limit the entries shown to a certain number, just set that number for pagination and remove the pagination part from the template.


This content type may be used to display a list of blog categories. It is most useful in a sidebar region. Categories which are not related to any blog entries are not shown by default, but this can be changed when adding the content type.

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